5 Feelings Every Scuba Diver Will Relate To

Diving deep on purpose when you don’t have gills seem borderline stupid. But so is falling in love. Living knowing one you can and will die. My point is that all good things are either free or stupid or both.

So, you dive, knowing that it is going to be worth the risk and the trouble of learning to breath underwater for minutes that feel like hours for that vulnerable human life. Scuba diving can be tons of fun provided you follow the basic diving guidelines.

It is going to be a cakewalk if you pay attention to the diving instructor and freely communicate with them. At least once in your life, try it out. To feel the weightlessness of underwater world.

Witness how unbothered fishes the size of your hand are as they swim past you with no hurry at all. New day, new tourist buffoons, they say. May be that’s how people in New York feel.

Anyways, keep reading to know what it might feel like if you are brave enough to take the plunge.

1. Lets do it Again Right Away

After you are done and out of water, your mind and body will take a while to fully soak in what it just experienced. Luckily the high never goes away. No matter how many times and how many places you dive into. That satisfying and elusive euphoria stays.

On an average, you will be burning around 600 calories in each 45 minutes dive. This consist of the demanding workout that you unknowingly performed while lugging around all that scuba gear and trying your best to swim gracefully in that form-fitting wet-suit.

It’s hard to keep track of things when you are having tons of fun. But you can always load up after your dive. Some divers have a pre and post dive meal plan too. It helps you to stay diving ready even if you choose to do it multiple times a week.

2. Dream-like Vision

Everything appears at least 33 percent closer than it actually is underwater. That is why you get a dive buddy. So that you can gauge their responses and stay literally in touch with them when the need arises. Just use you hands to feel out the actual distance of things and surfaces from you with caution.

Scuba Diving

Do not touch anything and everything though. That is how people get stung by annoyed underwater life. Scuba masks can be simultaneously a blessing and a curse. They cut out the peripheral vision. That means your head movements will have to compensate for this difference.    

This also means that you will always be focused on the big picture ahead. Not much to distract you from where you are going and what underwater heavenly scenes you are witnessing. The blind spots of the peripheral vision can be easily compensated by suitable body movements.

3. Belonging to Nowhere and Everywhere

There is somehow a major and at the same time very subtle difference between a sense of belonging and losing a sense of self. Underwater, while you are swimming from shipwrecks to sunken treasures, you feel a sense of belonging to this blue waterscape.

After sufficient practice, you feel held by these rhythmic waves. It becomes your safety net and playground at the same time. Like the great blue whales, the ocean too guides you without asking for any hidden favor. Like its just their nature to be that gigantic in their stature and kindness.

After few months or a year, it will feel like returning home every time you take a dive. This familiar place that is thankfully so different from the indifference and fatigue of the world. That amazes and grounds you in the same way with its undulating presence.

4. Too Good To be True

That familiar feeling. You are underwater swimming with the fishes like one of them. It takes a while for it to get good. But when it works, there is only so many things that can give you this kind of rush. A rush that almost stabilizes you.

Underwater Life

There is this calm and familiarity of being in the presence of this kind of tranquility. Its almost feels like you are light years away from the humdrum of reality on land. And in the depths of the ocean, you get a break. For a while, you can pause it all and just be, just exist like the rocks and corals.

And sure, soon enough, you will have to go back because well, you are not a mermaid yet! But you can come back, anytime you want. And this feeling will be there. Maybe not in the same place bur definitely in the same terrains. Its like some kind of pact of the scuba diving locations. No matter how much they differ, that feeling of calm surrender is quite the same.

5. Fear-Soaked Excitement

Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Its good to work from that perspective. Otherwise, its definitely less intimidating and safer than jumping from a plane. Also, you get the benefit of Mammalian Diving Reflex. This allows your heart rate and blood pressure to drop a bit so as to conserve the oxygen.

Its good if you are working with a scuba diving instructor that you trust. At the end of the day, it is about practice. The more you dive, the more you are going to come across your unique ways of messing up underwater. Its all about getting enough dives under your belt.

Soon you will be able to get a grip of the buoyancy control. You will reach a level where you can rotate 360 degrees across all planes using just your fins. Till then, dive more and dive safe. Take your friends with you and make buddies for life while sharing this freeing experience.

These are all the feelings you might experience on your scuba diving trips. Let’s dive soon sometime.

When was the last time you found Nemo and gave it a high-five? Its about time to go for one! Tell us about your craziest scuba diving experience till date. Also, share this post with your friends and family to tell them its that time of the year again!