Top 6 Snowboarding Destinations In The World

Snowboarding – what’s not to love? The powdery white snow for as far the eye can see, the hilltop view and fellow snowboarders testing the vertical limit. Snowboarding in Aspen used to be and still is a fancy annual tradition for the well-off families around the world. Christmas and the entire holiday season is synonymous with shredding the powder across the hills. And everyone is invited!

There are plenty of destinations out there that you can enjoy even if you have two left feet when it comes to snowboarding. There is so much to do while being out there among the snowy mountains. Sightsee, snowboard, chill out or just make snowmen out of the silver nectar cascading from the heavens!

Top 6 Snowboarding Destinations In The World

A good destination is even more important than the latest snowboarding gear. Let us take a look below at the best that the snowy cliffs of the world have to offer.

6. St.Anton (Austria)

Home to the legendary snowboarder Johann Schneider, the St.Anton slopes are meant for the snowboarding daredevils. You will truly enjoy this place if you are ready for some real snowboarding action. Many professional snowboarders are known to frequent this place during both on and off-season. It has 35 blue, 70 red and 30 black runs.

St Anton

But they all seem to have a higher difficulty level than their global counterparts. Nestled in the Alps, it received over 7m of snow during peak winters. Over 88 lifts make for a smooth means of transport all over this charming town. You come here when you are looking for a true snowboarding gem that glitters brightly under the midnight sky.

5. Hemsedal (Norway)

You come here when you want a getaway not too far removed from the current world. It has a total of 20 lifts, 49 slopes, 1 skicross area and 3 parks. Suffice to say, the choices are plenty for every member of the family. It is designed in a way to keep your entire clan entertained throughout the stay.

Hemsedal Norway

A string of bars and restaurants will keep you company when you are not ready to call it a night just yet. The kid-friendly slopes, lifts and ski area complete with reliable instructors make it a safe haven for your little ones. So, you can just relax and snowboard 6 km non-stop from the top to the bottom of your slope of choice.

4. Les Menuires (Rhône-Alpes, France)

This country might be good at almost everything. If their cuisine and architecture were not enough, they also have few of the best snowboarding trails to explore too. These French Alps will appeal to both the tourist and the adventure-junkie in you. Peak season being February means high fares and crowded places if you pay a visit then.

Les Menuires France

Whenever you choose to visit, make sure that you plan a trip to the Boulevard Cumin and the Pluviometre too. They come close to the spectacular sights at Les Menuires. Many visitors choose to explore its breathtaking view on foot. You will have fun here even if you have just bought your very first snowboard.

3. Whistler Blackcomb (British Columbia, Canada)

One of the best places to visit with the entire family is definitely the Whistler Blackcomb. It has something for snowboarders of all skill levels. You must check out the world’s largest vertical drop in a resort here before you head out. The ocean, untamed mountains, and unlimited snow are the essence of this place.

Whistler Blackcomb Canada

Aside from that, there are the 8,171 skiable acres, over 200 trails, 5,000-ft plus vertical drop, 3 glaciers and over 37 lifts to experience out here. The never-ending tree trails punctuate this winter wonderland through and through. This Pacific Northwest tree forest ties the entire landscape together.

2. Hokkaido (Japan)

Leave it to Soko Yamaoka, Japanese Olympic snowboarder, to guide you to the best snowboarding playgrounds in the world. One of them is the Hokkaido island located at the northernmost point of Japan. What makes it perfect for snowboarding is the constant drizzle of the fresh snow. You might want to visit the Niseko United resort.

Hokkaido Japan

This resort offers complete access to all there terrains. You can visit its four main resorts with the very same lift pass. The regular snowfall maintains the perfect texture to snowboard on even during the peak season. Enjoy the enchanting snow features all around you as you shred the powdery pillows from one corner of the scenery to another.

1. Wanaka (New Zealand)

When it comes to nature, no one does it better than New Zealand. Even the winterscapes come with an abundance of variety in New Zealand. You can either choose the well-established resorts out here for the familiar snowboarding experience.

Wanaka New Zealand

Pick one from the Cardrona, Treble Cone and Snow Park NZ to kickstart that annual tradition. Or, you can get off the road. And get on the towropes, surface lifts or hiking to explore the immense wealth of untempered snowboarding trails that this place has to offer. You can enjoy one at the Temple Basin located at the pinnacle of the Arthur’s Pass.


What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to snowboard through the length and breadth of these towering mountains. Above, you can find our glowing recommendations that will help you end or begin your year on an eventful note. You can plan a trip with your friends, family or just by yourself. The snowboarding resorts usually have enough to keep you company and then some!

Where are you headed to this snowboarding season? What is your current favorite snowboarding destination and why? Let us know all about it in the comment section below. Also, let you near and dear ones know what’s up by forwarding this to them on your socials.