Wild Animal Staring Right At Your Face? Here’s What To Do

A wild animal can and will attack you if you are unprepared. This does not mean you celebrate the extinction of yet another endangered predator species. You should just take the necessary precautions to support successful co-habitation.

If you don’t do it for your planet then do it for yourself. The more you fiddle with the food chain of the ecosystem, the weaker it will get. And that distant apocalypse will be an imminent reality. Read on to know the various tips you can use to defend yourself against an unfortunate wild animal attack.

What To Do…

Below are the various tricks you can use to your benefit while coming face-to-face with a wild animal.

Cougar Attack Defence

The mountain lions/cougars are skilled predators. They will stalk their prey until the right moment of attack arrives. If you get into a similar situation then try to make yourself look as intimidating and dominating as possible. Stand tall and maintain eye contact. NEVER turn your back or look away during this stare-down.


If the lion growls then start shouting at a higher pitch, throw rocks or wave your hands to come off just as terrifying. Again, all these are last resorts. It is always better to avoid alleys or traveling just by yourself in these big cat countries. They avoid attacks on groups or two or more people.

If it actually jumps on you then try your best not to fall off. Otherwise, it can get a lot more gruesome. If you do fall down, try to defend yourself by attacking with anything and everything you can find. Here you are just fighting for your life against a predator. Go for the eyes, use rocks, knife or anything else that can help you loosen the grip and render it senseless long enough for you to escape to the nearest safe shelter.

Non-Predator Attack Defence

It is not just the predators that might cause you harm. The big game species such as the moose, elk, and the deer might as well do some serious damage if you are unknowingly trespassing their terrain. Or, your actions might be threatening them by mistake.


The moose is one of the deadliest non-predator in the woods. They are huge and they know very well how to use their antlers to disarm the enemy. Always make it a point to travel in opposite and far off spaces than the moose you just came across. They are a tricky animal to defend against.

If you unluckily are about to be attacked by one then roll your body into a ball. It won’t be able to do much damage this way with its front kicks using its entire body weight. Stay clear of the mother moose and its calf combo. It is fiercely protective and might go out of her way to ensure that you are not posing any threat to its calf.

Grizzly Bear Attack Defence

You don’t want to establish your dominance with a 1700-pounds grizzly bear. It’s a futile attempt. So make sure your body movement conveys that you are not a threat. Use a calm voice to emphasize the fact that you are not challenging its authority in that territory.

Grizzly Bear

Never run or turn your back. All these attempts might surprise the bear or give it a chance to sneak in an attack. The grizzly bears don’t feed on humans. Though they have been known to eat human flesh occasionally when they are starving. So, don’t make any direct eye contact as an act of dominance that might irritate it.

If it does attack, try to play dead. It might get fooled and leave you alone. Else, just cover your head with your hand and try to be an impenetrable shell for minimal damage. It might leave after a few scratches. But if it continues to attack then this might that indicates you are its dinner tonight. Then, go for a deadly attack as possible. Aim for the nose and eyes to interfere with its coordination. This might give you a chance to flee to your safety.

Coyote/Wolf Attack Defence

The pack of coyotes and wolves fight dirty. They are the sneakiest predator you will ever come across. They carry out co-ordinated attacks in groups to overwhelm the prey as they gnaw at its feet and make it go overboard. It is pretty difficult to recover after that.


Aim for the kill if you are surrounded by them. Make a back-to-back circle if you are in a group and target a couple of them in the group with each attack. Don’t try to outrun them as they can easily run upto 30mph.

Try yelling at them if possible to scare them away when the things have not escalated quite as much. Keep enough space between yourselves and them as they are a cunning bunch. Use all your deadly tricks when you feel surrounded by them as they move pretty fast in their group. You may not have as much leverage as you think you might with them.

Polar Bear Attack Defence

The melting ice caps are doing no favor to the polar bears. They are starving most of the time and their number is dwindling by the minute. So in case you walk into one on your adventure trip, you might be attacked by them for food.

Polar Bear

And they are already too starved to bluff. So they will be doing a no-nonsense attack in the hopes of a filling meal. They also stalk their prey until the right opportunity of attack arrives. If you are in a group, try to make loud noises. It might drive it away.

Otherwise use anything sharp and pointy as the weapon including rocks, sticks, and knives. Defend yourself with all your might because they are attacking for their very survival. They are not just going to get bored and leave you like the grizzly bear. If you snooze, you will become supper.


Hiking or camping in the woods gets a bit tricky if you are not well prepared for the above-mentioned attacks. It is silly to think that the more we prepare for the attack the more we are actualizing or intending it into our lives. But a lot of us are guilty of doing it. Let us be smart about it and enjoy a carefree hiking trip across the woods.

Have you ever been attacked by an animal in the woods? How did you neutralize that situation? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, forward this to your family and friends to make their trip a bit safer too.