10 Romantic Hikes You Must Take Before You Die

There is nothing romantic about the monotonous gym. That is what makes hikes your best option for total fitness. Hiking is the best thing you can do for your mind, body, and soul. And what better way to spice up your love life than hiking across those picturesque sceneries with your special someone.

The pace, the backdrop, and the company – everything works in perfect harmony on these romantic hikes. There are so many hiking options that you can easily pick a destination perfect for the two of you. Keep reading to explore our top 10 picks of romantic hiking trails.

Top 10 Romantic Hikes in the World

We have compiled a list of the top 10 romantic hikes for you. Read on to explore them further.

10. Inca Trail, Peru

It comes as no surprise that Machu Picchu is a top honeymoon destination. The Inca Trail is sprawled across the valley. This gives you a good view of the best that this blissfully romantic destination has to offer.

Machu Pichhu

The relics of the civilization, the vast starry-sky expanse and greenery everywhere. All this leads to a pretty magical trip that you would love to share with your beloved. Over a million tourists make way to this site annually for a reason of course.

Machu Picchu Magic

A 3-hour trip to the Aguas Calientes will lead you to the base site. The Inca trail can be explored fully in around 4 days if you keep track of time. It is a good practice to brace yourself for the upcoming trip by practicing in daily training sessions.

Take a few small hikes near your place. Get a grip on the backpack carrying, cycling and other activities to maintain good stamina. Book a trip with a tour guide months in advance. The access to this beautiful trail is highly controlled throughout the year.

9. Indian Himalayas, India

The Himalayas are in a league of their own it comes to hiking. The Alps and the Everest will warm you up for the true adventure that hiking across the Himalayas is. The ranges have mythological, geographical and aesthetic value for the locals.

Himalayas India

It is a good idea to keep the litter and other disposables to yourself as you start scaling the trail. This hiking trail stretches from Spiti all the way to Ladakh. You need a full 24 days to even begin uncovering this priceless natural treasure.

Indian Hiking Grandeur

It is located in the Himachal Pradesh state of India. You need to be an exceptionally good hiker to take on this hike. The best of physical and mental fitness is required for a hike of this caliber. It is a good idea to book a local trusted hotel and guide for this adventure.

To reach here, you can get on a train or plane from Delhi to Manali. From there, get a comfortable seat on a bus to Spiti. Take a nap from the next 10 hours on the bus and wake up refreshed for your hike. Explore other 12 districts of Himachal too if you got time to spare.

8. The Haute Route, France & Switzerland

A hiking trail that starts in France and ends in Switzerland has to be precious. That is exactly what the Haute Route is. It is lush green, fresh and right out of a dream sequence. The route officially starts at the Chamonix region in France.

Haute Route France

The Zermatt in Switzerland is the endpoint of this trail. The summer and winter routes are different taking the climatic situations into account. You will enjoy the best of Alps in terms of sights and surroundings along the trail.

Hiking Fantasy

A total of two weeks are required to explore this location to your heart’s content. You need to be in good shape and a skilled hiker to track across this path. It is a good idea to book a decent travel package for this journey.

The first-timers can really use a reliable hotel and experienced guide on this journey. Book a good hotel near the Chamonix region. Ensure that your trip will eventually lead to this hike. The hotel and the guide will fill you in on the remaining details.

7. Palomarin Trail, USA

If you want romance spelled out in the sky and ocean, visit the Palomarin Trail. This trail has everything from cascading waterfalls to the gorgeous Pacific view. The California Bay area is famous for its enchanting trails.

Palomarin Trail California

You will find the fog-enveloped peaks, swaying redwood forests and many other spellbinding details on the way. Marin County is where the best hiking spots are. You just need to travel north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bay Area Goodness

The incredible view of the 40-feet Alamere Falls gushing into the Wildcat Beach is very close to the Palomarin Trail. This trail lies within the Point Reyes National Sea Shore. It is around 30 miles to the north of San Francisco.

You might have to endure a bit of strenuous hike to see all the highlights of this trail. But in the end, you will find all of it more than worth it. You can also check out one of the Nude Beach Guide’s favorites, the Bass Lake on your way out.

6. Tateyama-Kamikōchi hike, Japan

This week-long Japanese hike will give you a glimpse of the enriching country of Japan. The hike will start at Murodo and end at Kamikōchi. The total length is 40 miles. Mountain huts with cozy bedding and a hearty meal will give you relief at the end of each day.

Kamikochi Japan

Try the camping sites too that are enough to accommodate the curiosity of global hikers. The Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route neatly links the eastern and western side of the North Alps. You will encounter beautiful alpine scenery on this journey throughout the trail.

Japanese Wilderness

Tunnels, trolley buses, and cable cars are the various comfortable modes of transportation available here. Take your pick as you make way to the Kurobe Dam along the way. A number of peaks that you can climb here include the Tateyama, Yarigatake and the Oku-Hotaka-dake.

After this, you have the tranquil resort village called the Kamikōchi. Here you can rest up and brace yourself for the thrilling journey ahead. You don’t need to take much gear since abundant hiking gear shops and inns are present at regular intervals.

5. Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

This hike is best suited for spiritual couples who love a good challenge. This is because the mountain hike to Adam’s Peak is one grueling but rewarding challenge. The hike will start and end at Dalhousie. This 9-mile round trip is present as a rocky trail.

Adam's Peak Sri Lanka

The conical mountain is just 2243m from the sea level. The pinnacle of the mountain holds the sacred footprint called the Sri Pada. Depending upon your religion, they are the footprint of either Shiva, Buddha, or the Adam.

Spiritual Respite

The Hatton Trail is a hiker’s favorite. The mountain has a total of 6 possible routes to the top. The Hatton Trail has conveniently cut stairs to the top. It is preferred to reach there by sunrise because the view at that time from up here is magical.

You need good weather conditions and an early start to reach the top by sunrise. You can easily see the best of this island’s south, east and west coasts from up there. The top might be covered in clouds if the weather is not on your side that day.

4. South West Coast Path, UK

The beautiful English coastal path stretches to a total of 630 miles. So, you have got plenty of options to pick and choose your ideal hiking segment. If you do plan to hike it entirely, it will be equivalent to covering the mighty Mt. Everest for a whopping four times.

South West Coast Path UK

It is eventually going to come under the 2700 miles long England Coast Path. Opening in 2020, this will become the biggest coastal path in the world. Currently, it holds the record of being the longest waymarked footpath in England. It is also the longest national Route out of the 16 that the UK currently possess.

English Coastal Heavyweight

If you wish, you can easily scale this entire path leisurely together in just two months. One month if you are fine walking at a brisk pace. Though a laidback pace is more suitable considering the many aspects of the UK that you get to explore in this manner.

Start at the Minehead in Somerset region. Then head to the charming towns and breezy coastline of Cornwall and Devon. March further to finally reach the Poole Harbour in Dorset. Sip the signature cream teas in the art deco hotel on Burgh Island.

3. Laguna de los Tres, Argentina

This 14 miles track will start at the El Chaltén. The name Laguna de los Tres roughly translates to ‘the Lagoon of Three’. It is referring to the trilogy of mountains at the endpoint of the trail. These are the Cerro Fitz Roy, Aguja Poincenot and the Torre.

Laguna De Los Tres Argentina

These three mountains together form a protective wall alongside the lakeshore. This hike might be a bit on the tiring end for beginner hikers. But you have a lot to look forward to after the hike. A warm bed, good food and safe accommodation at the El Chaltén town give a perfect end to this hike.

Argentinian Kaleidoscope

Most of the hikers visiting this place are coming from the Torres del Paine. The wealth of scenery and a refreshing ambiance attracts scores of trekkers to this place. There are multiple options for a one-day long hike or multi-day treks in here.

The hiking trail will lead you deeper into the Fitz Roy range. Here, you get to enjoy the serenity that is synonymous to the landscapes of Argentina. The unforgettable views all around will give you ample opportunity to click those swoon-worthy snaps for your socials.

2. Enchantment Lakes Walk, USA

You can assess your compatibility as a couple hiking across the lake walk along the Enchantment Lakes. The total length of this hiking trail is 20 miles. The path is known as the Snow Lake Trailhead. Add a dash of adventure to your romantic life with the challenging terrains of this trail.

Enchantment Lakes USA

You should attempt this hike only if you two are experienced backpackers. This hiking site opens from late July to October. You will thank us later for suggesting a walking stick or trekking pole to bring along with you for this trek.

Adventurous Terrains

Your hike will start with climbing up the Alpine Lakes Wilderness mountains. The glorious spires and the gleaming tarns will keep you going upwards and onwards. High granite walls partition the steep lake basin.

The hikers will need some solid grit and determination to cross the difficult Snow Lake Trail. Just keep walking and soon you will be greeted by the shimmering Upper Snow Lake. Drink up and take a bottle full of this clear water for your remaining hike.

1. Rakiura Track, New Zealand

This comes as no surprise. The kiwi nation has the most surreal locations you will ever come across. Even Hollywood borrows its breathtaking views time and again for their blockbusters. This includes ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘King Kong’ and ‘Avatar’ among others.

Rakiura Track NZ

The Rakiura Track situated in the Stewart Island is one serene hiking spot for the two of you. Located on the east coast of the island, you will find it close to the Rakiura National Park visitor center. This bird paradise offers you the sightings of both flying and wading birds. It includes bellbirds, kaka parrots, tui, little blue penguins, fantails and many more.

A Fauna Paradise

The hiking trail stretches upto 20 miles. You might need to keep three days spare if you wish to cover the entire track. Also, book a hut in advance if you wish to stay back during the hiking period. Go for a guided night tour after 6 pm by taking the required permit beforehand.

Spot the extra large southern brown kiwis with the help of your tour guide. The Glory Cove Scenic Reserve constitutes the Ocean Beach. Visit it after the dusk to sight multitudes of sea lions that are carefully preserved here.

Hiking is the best way to reach peak physical and mental fitness in an organic way. It is a nice idea to hike as a couple since it is a good way to get to know each other better. The challenges of a hike will also help you get a clear idea of how good you two will be as life partners.

We hope our top picks can serve as your vision board for the upcoming hikes you wish to take on with your bae.

If you have not hiked till now, there is no better time than today. Plan out a hike today with your partner from the above-mentioned list. While you are at it, forward this on your socials to get your friends and family onboard too on this hiking high.