Best Hydration Bladder Reviews: 2022 Edition

After 10 hours of in-depth research about the 5 best hydration packs available in the market at present, the clear winner is Camelbak Antidote Reservoir (100 oz) without any doubt. It excels when it comes to the overall use, applications and the very reasonable price tag.

For those who are looking for something in the most affordable price range, MIRACOL Hydration Backpack will do the job just fine without having you concerned about the budget.

Let us uncover more about the hydration bladders now. This will include a detailed study of their applications, utility and how to select the best model for various purposes.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Not many people know and use the highly useful hydration bladder during their hikes or other activities where it can be of tremendous help. And there is no one-fit-suitable-for-all-purposes scenario too.

Depending upon our water intake requirement, the kind of outdoor activity and the fit specifications, a wide range of hydration bladders are available in the market.

1. Capacity

The usual range of a hydration bladder is from half a liter to a total of three liters. Everyone takes their pick according to the various variables that are involved in its usage. And these variables are our mileage, the nature of the activity, weather, humidity, and many other relevant numbers.

If we are trekking during the summer season, we are going to need a lot more water as compared to when we are trekking in colder temperatures. Depending upon the intensity of the summer season which can go from balmy to scorching, we need to select the hydration bladder size.

The magic number is 2 liters when it comes to picking a hydration bladder with the right capacity. This way we won’t have to worry about running out of the water supply in the middle of our hike. Or lugging around a gallon of remaining water even though we are not going to need it anytime during that trip.

2. Compatible Size

When it comes to the inflatables, whether the swimming pool flotations or our very own hydration bladders, the size can vary widely. The latter needs to be fitted comfortably within our backpacks. So that we have our hands free for grabbing onto the trekking poles and marching ahead without much trouble.

Now, if our calculations are not right then we can get stuck with a hydration bladder that is too big for our backpack and does not even come with an exchange or return policy. The only two options left in this case is to either carry that giant hydration bladder with us everywhere and tumble throughout the journey.

Or dump it and buy a new model, this time by properly checking the measurements with and without water. This will help us in going for the most suitable size according to our requirements without us having to make any drastic change with our arrangements.

3. Filling Options

Depending upon how we choose to fill up the hydration bladders, there are a number of challenges and subsequent solutions that come into the picture. Screw lid is the best way to fill up on tap water. Otherwise, it gets insanely difficult to line up the faucet with the hydration bladder.

Otherwise, there is no respite from this inconvenience whether we are using the faucets in our own kitchen, public restrooms or even the campgrounds. The other category involves the surface water as the source. In this case, we require a lot of surface water either flowing or standing still.

The zip lock style hydration bladder is most suitable for use in this case. Here, we just need to dip the hydration bladder into the water source. And it will fill up usually in no time, provided that the surface water is spread in a good enough area. The water purification techniques need to be taken care of since not all water sources are fit to drink.

4. BPA Free Components

Not all plastic is bad plastic. We just need to stay away from the BPA rich toxicity. And the remaining containers and other items made of BPA free plastic are totally good for daily use. Checking the basic specifications on the back of the hydration bladder that we are about to buy is all the effort we need to make.

And the term ‘made of BPA free plastic‘ is what will bring an end to our search for our next trekking and hiking companion. Since we have to carry water fit to drink in this hydration bladder, it becomes infinitely more important for them to be BPA free.

Water, food and other daily use items that we are going to ingest or be in contact with regularly need to completely free from toxins such as BPA and other harmful chemicals. Otherwise, a regular deposit of an even minimal amount of BPA in our body over time can lead to serious fatal ailments.

5. Hydration Hoses

So we have bought the best hydration hose for ourselves. Now what? Well, for starters, we need a compatible hydration hose. This will help us in drinking water from it in a hands-free manner as we trek high and low throughout the landscape. These hydration hoses are the best way to get water directly to our mouths while on the move in a totally hygienic and convenient manner.

Not all good hoses can fit our purpose. We need to put into consideration the type of our hydration bladder. And also the various requirements that we have with regards to the hydration hose. Else, it will keep on leaking throughout the hike leaving us stranded and dehydrated.

Keep in mind the hot and cold weather conditions also. And try how easy it is to pull off the hose from the hydration bladder. All these checks must be made beforehand so that the final purchase is able to serve us well for a reasonable amount of time.

Best Hydration Bladders Reviews

The outdoor living supply and accessory markets have a number of ideal products available for public use. We present to you our top picks from that pile.

1. Hydrapak 3L Reversible Reservoir with Shape-Shift Baffle

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Main Features

Of all the features that one can think of while imagining their perfect hydration companion, the Hydrapak 3L Reversible Reservoir has got most of them. It has the toughest built, is easiest to clean and has the most comfortable fit.


  • Being fully reversible makes it extremely hygienic since it can be cleaned, dried and then reused to our satisfaction.
  • The wide slider opening design is a patented concept that this pack uses for leak-proof seal and quick filling.
  • It offers the utmost durability and flexibility since it is made up of the 0.25 mm thick TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).
  • Optimum baffle and reversibility are made possible by the shape-shift technology of this pack.
  • The helpful Youtube videos are there to explain the entire functioning of this hydration bladder in an easy to understand manner.


  • Some consumers are complaining that it comes with a horrible plastic taste.
  • Others are saying that the pack does leak a lot during trying journeys.

2. Camelbak Antidote Reservoir 100 oz

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Main Features

This next reservoir has made things extremely easy as far as the refilling and cleaning of the reservoir is concerned. It comes with its own patented technology that makes it easy to use, clean and be happy with on those refreshing trekking sessions.


  • The entire process of opening and closing the pack has been made extremely easy for us with the help of their intuitive 1/4-turn design.
  • This offers us extreme stability in the form of a quick-snap cap that tightens effortlessly.
  • Loading and unloading of the pack are made easier with the help of the Quick Link system.
  • Comes with the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that is available on select stocks only.
  • Faster drying is accomplished with the help of Integrated dryer arms that fold out very easily.


  • It does not come with a quick connect fitting.
  • Opposed to what the advertisement claims, it is not perfectly leak-proof in all the situations.

3. MIRACOL Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder

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Main Features

Hydration packs have never been so versatile and stylish as the ones from the house of MIRACOL. They come with a number of amazing and exciting features that appeal to both young and old alike. The price further makes it a steal considering its amazing track record with its clientele until now.


  • We can use this hydration pack with a number of outdoor activities including cycling, hiking, biking, and trekking.
  • It comes with efficient thermal insulation which is able to keep the water cool for as much as full four hours.
  • It has been built to offer military-grade durability which enables it to keep the contents safe even in tough conditions.
  • Weighing just one pound, this hydration pack never slows us down when we are already exhausted with our current activity.
  • The entire casing of his hydration pack is done in a manner so that it has multiple different sized pockets present all over it. Here we can keep our cellphone, keys and other important items safely.


  • The quality of the products is not good enough since it starts leaking within a few days of use.
  • Accompanying manual is not capable of guiding us through the assembling process properly.

4. Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Engine and Reservoir

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Main Features

Today, it is touted to be one of the breakthrough hydration bladder designs. It is actually a pressurized hydration engine which has a power bulb attached to it. Upon pressing this bulb, the water sprays in a streamlined manner to quench our thirst.


  • The water spraying option lets us get that chilled water spray in the middle of the woods when we want to cool down.
  • Even for drinking, cleaning, and sharing we can make use of this spray channel without any hassles.
  • Its wide open mouth makes it possible to slide the top and refill it instantly.
  • It is completely reversible and dishwasher safe thus making it all the more useful.
  • Has been designed in a way to be filter-ready to use along with the Aquamira Frontier Max filter and the Geigerrig filters.


  • The plastic used for its creation is quite fragile hence the leakage happens quite easily.
  • The customer service needs an upgrade for this otherwise not so shabby product.

5. Source Outdoor Ultimate Hydration System with Widepac Reservoir

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Main Features

This is not just any ordinary hydration bladder but a proper hydration system. In this structure, we will find a number of innovations working together to deliver us the next generation comforts with an incredible price tag.


  • The wide opening makes it easy for us to clean, drain, refill and insert ice when required.
  • Hydration hose is always kept in place with the help of the magnetized drink tube holder.
  • Bio-film build-up is prevented via a maintenance-free Glass-Like liner.
  • A soft bite gets us full water/liquid flow from this system thanks to the rounded Helix bite valve.
  • It has been insured to keep the foul plastic taste away from its insides thus making it a truly taste-free hydration system.


  • Most of its ‘innovations’ need some fine-tuning before they actually become as useful as they are supposed to be.
  • The hydration hose is a bit too big as compared to what the customer base is used to with the hydration bladders until now.


There is nothing better than being around nature, provided that we have all the necessary amenities that the average city folk may require. Hydration bladders are one of the many necessary outdoor activity accessories that make this transition from the urban to the lush-green jungles seamless for us. Camelbak Antidote Reservoir (100 oz) is our best pick at the moment for a similar purpose.

On this note, we have come to the end of this post. Was this post informative and also an enjoyable read? If yes then do forward it on your socials. And let your friends and family also get acquainted with this new information source. Keep following this space to know more about the changing ways of the outdoor living!