Best Sunglasses for Hiking Reviews: 2022 Edition

Reviewing over 6 of the best hiking sunglasses in 10 hours has finally led us to the conclusion that the Maui Jim Haleakala 65 Sunglasses (419) Plastic is the best of the lot. It is not just the comfort but the stylish looks also that results in its mass appeal.

The hunt for a more affordable option ends with the Oakley OO9188 Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses. You never have to compromise with your essential hiking gear even if it is the end of the month.

Usually, none of us need a reason to maintain our exclusive sunglasses collection. The hiking sunglasses are as important as any other indispensable hiking gear. We don’t want to squint all day as the sun choose to play hide and seek with us through the foliage.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

A wrong pair of sunglasses can really mess up our whole experience. That is why we do not want to be casual about picking a pair of hiking glasses. All we need to do is spend a few minutes on a blog like this so that we know the basics of picking the best hiking sunglasses according to our requirements.

1. Lightweight Frames

People can bash on the plastic frames all they want but when we are on a steep uphill journey then we don’t want the bulky metallic frames weighing us down. They tend to heat up a lot quicker than their plastic counterparts too which further diminish their applicability as a hiking gear.

The present-day plastic frames are a versatile and durable bunch. Of all the shades and styles that appeal to us, the plastic frames are available for each one of them in multiple formats. It is always better to have a lightweight pair of sunglasses on while we are on the move.

All the top hiking accessories brands are launching their own range of the coolest plastic frame sunglasses. So that the final product that we get is able to protect us from whatever the harsh weather and exhaustion might stir up.

2. Durability

Hiking is a demanding and equally rewarding outdoor activity. This means that the hiking sunglasses that we finally select have to be durable enough to bear all the wear and tear that might be in store for it. It makes no sense to save a few bucks just to get the kind that breaks as soon as we step foot outside.

Then all we can do is shy away from the sun and look for a path covered in shade or opt for the night time hiking option along with the wolves! Jokes apart, nighttime hiking is an equally amazing and safe option too provided that we are well aware of the area and the available safety measures there.

The plastic framed hiking glasses are strong enough to bear a bit of rough handling and still stay in perfect shape. It is always better to get the kind of hiking sunglasses that will be able to perfectly align themselves with the level of outdoor activity that we are getting ourselves into.

3. Polarized Lenses

When hiking during the daytime, the glare of the sunlight often gets us good even with our sunglasses on. It strains our eyes too quickly and we are left with that echoing headache that just doesn’t go away throughout our hike.

The best solution to this frequent trouble is getting hiking sunglasses with the polarized lenses. They will help us to get a proper shield from the annoying glare of the sun that hits the worst when coming off the sand, snow, rocks, and water.

These very helpful polarized lenses buy us out some more time to stay outdoors without getting too worked up about the stressful weather conditions whenever they arise. They also protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays and other harmful outside elements.

4. UV Rating

Most of the people still think that applying sunscreen and taking other similar preventive measures against the UV rays is just an option. The damage that the harmful UV rays can cause to our skin, eyes and other areas is too severe to ignore. Therefore, the hiking sunglasses come with their own UV and UVB ratings.

The ratings are usually in the range of 0 to 4. For maximum protection against the toxic UV rays, it is better to stick with the UV rating of 3 to 4. This way we won’t have to worry about being affected adversely by the UV rays. The UV rating 3 is the most suitable for everyday use such as the normal level of outdoor activities.

The lenses with UV rating as 4 are the darkest and should not be used for daily wear. They should only be used when the UV rays are hitting us directly otherwise they should be avoided since they can interfere with the normal vision.

5. Scratch Resistant

Through our favorite pair of hiking shades, we always desire a balmy and clear view. But, that fantasy can be ruined pretty quickly if the lenses are not scratch resistant. After a few scratches, we are not able to enjoy the same clear and uninterrupted view through them.

Now they are not as damaged that we can just dispose of them and get a new pair. However, we don’t feel as excited to just put them on and get on the toughest hikes present in the vicinity as we used to. All these troubles can easily be solved by just getting a scratch resistant pair of hiking glasses the next time around.

Best Sunglasses for Hiking

To make the entire endeavor of sunglasses shopping simpler for you, we have compiled the following buying guide. You just need to weigh the pros against the cons and make important trade-offs.

1. Oakley Men’s Radarlock Path OO9181 Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Main Features

Till now the sunglasses have not been specialized for different kinds of activities. But all that is about the change with the introduction of Oakley Men’s Radarlock Path OO9181 Polarized Sports Sunglasses that highly optimize our performance with their fine-tuned lenses.


  • These glasses are thoroughly coated with a 100 percent UV protection coating.
  • The lightweight body can be attributed to the plastic frames with plastic lens combinations.
  • The breakthrough invention of the Switchlock™ Technology makes the entire lens changing task all the more bearable.
  • Unparalleled performance is guaranteed in the form of unbeatable clarity and impact resistance facilitated by the High Definition Optics® (HDO).
  • All the lenses in these series are able to adapt to the changing environment and sunlight intensity to offer our eyes the complete protection.


  • In some of the cases, the customers have received used product packaged to seem like a brand new pair.
  • The lenses are non-polarized that reduces their applicability for areas with intense sun exposure.

2. OAKLEY OO9144 Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses

Main Features

It comes with the innovative bottomless frame that puts a new spin on the classic design. This modification will help in various activities including the fishing, diving and golfing among others. Their grip on the head in the increased manifold with the help of Unobtainium ear socks and nose pads.


  • The frame material being used is the stress-resistant O Matter which offers us uninterrupted all-day comfort.
  • With the Three-Point Fit, we get a higher level of comfort and quality experience with this pair of hiking sunglasses.
  • Comes with the interchangeable set of lenses to make it suitable for a variety of environmental conditions.
  • Better side protection is attained from the impact, sun, and wind with the help of the 8.75 base lens curvature.
  • The UVA / UVB / UVC light gets filtered out completely with the help of Plutonite lens material.


  • The fit is a bit too small for the size being specified and start hurting the head after just a few hours of use.
  • A haze clouds the lens that makes it impossible to view anything clearly through them.

3. Maui Jim Mens Haleakala 65 Sunglasses (419) Plastic

Main Features

The inspiration behind all this range has been the legendary massive shield volcano on Maui. In case of these hiking sunglasses, the versatility and comfort are the prime components of their large-scale success.


  • The frame is completely made up of high-quality plastic to provide it that lightweight feel.
  • Both the lens are polarized too which means that we get premium protection against the harmful UV rays with its help.
  • To offer that unprecedented grip, the Rabalon nose pads are there to prevent any sort of slippage.
  • Protection from all kinds of glare is also achieved with these sunglasses which adds to its utility and appeal.
  • The long-wearing comfort makes them a perfect partner for those long and highly refreshing hiking trips with their adjustable frames and nose pads.


  • In case of the rootbeer shade of these frames, the black shade is all that is visible with no apparent differentiation.
  • Nose pads are not as helpful with the grip and comfort as they are advertised to be.

4. Julbo Trek Mountain Sunglass, Zebra Lens, Black/Lime Green

Main Features

These hiking sunglasses have been created specially to provide the next level of eye protection while we are speeding through a wide range of climatic challenges. The prime importance has been given to comfort and UV rays protection in these sunglasses.


  • It consists of the venting lens frameless bottom that offers that lightweight feel to the entire frame thus adding more comfort.
  • They provide ultimate protection against pollution, aggressive winds, fog and all other kinds of harmful and irritating eye exposures.
  • The removable side shields, sweat blocker, nose pads and the adjustable strap make them one the most convenient hiking sunglasses we have ever laid our eyes on.
  • Utilizes a combination of the lightweight ergonomics for performance enhancement even in stressful climatic conditions.
  • Technical mountaineering principles have also been implemented to be pro-active about all the challenges that we might encounter.


  • People who have light-sensitive eyes may not find these sunglasses to be dark enough.
  • They are not available in the reader style and that makes it uncomfortable for a certain group of people.

5. Oakley Men’s OO9188 Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses

Main Features

All the lens in this range has been optimized to deliver that stellar HD optics quality. They offer extra coverage thus providing a bigger protection layer that for the eyes from everything in the environment that might be harmful.


  • These sunglasses employ the desirable combination of a plastic lens on plastic frames to give that lightweight product to the users.
  • The lens is covered with a 100 percent UV protection coating material which makes it almost as good as the one with polarized lenses.
  • Thanks to the patented XYZ optics, we get the razor-sharp clarity that each one of us requires in our sunglasses.
  • The order is delivered with the hard case, glasses sock and a microfiber cleaning cloth for enabling us to keep it clean and useful at all times.
  • Comfortable fit can be enjoyed by the users even though they fit snugly over the head without any slipping problem.


  • The steep price makes it a bit tough to be able to afford them when we are on a tight budget.
  • It does not come with an additional pair of interchangeable lenses.

6. Smith Optics Pivlock V2 Sunglasses

Main Features

Designed especially for the adventure sports enthusiasts and the professional athletes, these sunglasses make sure that we are able to achieve the zenith of our performance every single time. A great amount of research, testing and market analysis go into their development to make sure that we get all the desired features in the final product.


  • To ensure that we get the best of side protection, it comes with 7 base lens curvature.
  • Comes in both medium fit large coverage dimension so that the customer has enough options to choose from.
  • A total of three Interchangeable Carbonic TLT Lenses are included in the package to give us a better experience in terms of usage.
  • The frame is made highly useful and comfortable with the help of Hydrophilic Megol Nose and Temple Pads.
  • Extra protection is delivered with the Hydroleophobic Lens Coating that keeps the dirt, water, and other harmful elements away from our eyes.


  • The product that we received was a lot different from the one being shown on the website.
  • It is cheaply made and does not come with translucent lenses to promote better visibility through them


The proper hiking preparation is incomplete without a pair of outstanding hiking sunglasses. Above we have explained in great detail how our top five picks fare in different departments. The Maui Jim Mens Haleakala 65 Sunglasses (419) Plastic sunglasses have our stamp of approval when it comes to reliable hiking sunglasses.

This leads to the end of this post. Did you find it helpful in any way? If yes then do share it on your multiple social profiles so that all your near and dear ones can make the smart decision too.