Best Tactical Backpack Reviews: 2022 Edition

It took us a total of 21 hours of research. We did an in-depth analysis of around 8 leading tactical backpacks present in the market as of now. And the best choice according to us is the 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Backpack. It shines brightly when it comes to its utility, durability and overall ease of use.

You can go for the 3V Gear Posse Tactical Sling Pack when your budget allows you to go only as far as 40 dollars. The price tag alone gives you a good reason to go for it. And it gives a good use out of every penny spent on it over time.

Let us explore this topic of tactical backpacks further. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss why we need the tactical backpacks if we are planning to cruise through the great outdoors. Keep reading to know all about it and much more.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Our old backpacks remind us of all the things that we adore about them. And also a lot of annoying things that we would like to change and have it the other way around with our new backpack. Below is a list of all the important details that need to be taken care of while buying a new backpack.

1. Comfort

That should be the first thing that we notice while buying a tactical backpack. Or for that matter, any other normal bag. Since we have to carry the backpack with us on all kinds of journeys, it should have that comfortable fit that makes our ordeal a bit bearable.

The length and size of the tactical backpack have to match with our body proportions. The backpack should not be so big that we drown under its weight and sheer size. A big backpack makes sense when we have to carry all our essentials with us. But after packing it full, we should still be able to carry it without using a crane!

And the stylish tiny backpacks that look good just while posted on our socials also turn out to be useless eventually. Just one hydration bladder is all that they can comfortably carry. And we end up carrying multiple big and small bags with us even when we have just the essentials in tow.

2. Design

It is always better to keep it simple. Whether it is life or our next tactical backpack. As we enter the shop or even the online website, there will be a ton of flashy backpacks that will somehow convince us that we want to buy them this instant.

But later, after the rush of that retail therapy wears off, we will realize that we had no business going for a backpack with a million compartments and zippers. Plain and simple is the way to go when shopping for these tactical backpacks. But there might be a certain section of people who do require that many compartments and pockets for holding their essentials.

So, in the end, it is better to keep our list of backpack requirements in focus while scrolling through them on our screens or flipping through them in real life. The impulse to buy the first thing we see need to be fought so that we make the right choice.

3. Volume

We see a big backpack and we fill it up to the brim with too many unnecessary items that we are never ever going to use. A small backpack, on the other hand, requires us to carry an additional bag when we do actually need to pack more stuff than what can fit into its petite frame.

As a rule of thumb, a 40-liter backpack is what serves best for a few days long journey. This volume is neither too big to overcrowd us with unnecessary additions. Nor is it too small that we will have to compromise on the necessities.

It is always better to fill up the bag with relevant stuff and try it on before making the purchase. We get a good idea about the capacity, volume and fit of the backpack with this method. And the final purchasing decision becomes simpler for us.

4. Material Used

The backpacks tend to be made out of different kind of fabrics. They affect the functionality and overall utility of the backpack. We must look for a pack that is light and durable. The two most popular materials when it comes to the backpacks are Cuben fiber and Ripstop Nylon.

The former is lightweight but a bit on the expensive side. Whereas the latter is known for being slightly heavier but quite cheap comparatively. We cannot go wrong with either of these choices. Currently, these are the leading materials in the tactical backpack market.

A lightweight and durable backpack is what we want when selecting the right material for our next backpack purchase. This way we will be able to make good use of them and carry them with us on all kinds of outdoor activities.

5. Price Tag

A good backpack does not come cheap. But that does not mean that your next backpack is going to require you taking a bank loan. The ideal price range of a useful quality backpack is between 200 to 500 dollars. In this bracket, we will be able to get a backpack that comes equipped with all the latest special features that we have been looking forward to.

It is always better to keep an eye out for the ongoing sales and good deals that we might get if we keep track of the prime backpack selling points around us. This way we will be able to make a good addition to our outdoor activity segment at almost half the cost.

A good backpack will give years worth of use. Investing in the right backpack can prove to be a smart decision in the long run. That is why it is better to avoid the allure of saving a few extra pennies and letting go of a quality product.

Best Tactical Backpacks Reviews

The market offers some of the best tactical backpacks today. Here, we have compiled a list of our top eight picks for you.

1. Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger

Main Features

The Maxpedition Legacy series has made the single shoulder strap backpacks quite popular. These sling bags are quite durable and ergonomic by design such that their owner gets the maximum benefit from them for years to come. Its horizontal pockets are accessible from all the angles and can be used to carry a lot of essentials without much trouble.


  • The backpack has been designed in a way to be suitable for both urban and rugged terrain conditions.
  • Its design has been optimized to meet the requirements of extra space with additional pockets.
  • Can also be used as a substitute for the laptop bag to carry a laptop as big as 15.4 inches.
  • Can be rotated to the front of the body while still being worn by the owner.
  • The additional features that add to its overall appeal include the concealed carry pocket, Anti-theft zipper capture system, y-compression strap and the ergonomic fixed-strap.


  • When overloaded, this one-strap bag does not make it easier for us to carry the extra baggage.
  • The look of the bag makes it suitable only for the outdoor activities and not so much for the daily commute.

2. 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Backpack

Main Features

This sleek looking bag has been designed to be a compact and complete 72-hour kit. The ample space and strategic compartment creation make it perfect to endure the challenges of both the city and the wild without much trouble. We will be facing no hassles on our trip even if it gets extended a bit thanks to this roomy tactical backpack.


  • The entire backpack has been created by the top quality material – 1050D Nylon China.
  • Spacious insides of this bag measure up to the dimensions of 3342 cubic inch / 55 liters in terms of total capacity.
  • Being water-repellent and tough in nature makes it perfect for all kinds of excursions with family and friends.
  • The main and the front compartments have been designed with the glove-friendly molded grip pulls for the ease of use.
  • They are also dual-zippered that offers extra protection to the contents of this backpack.


  • The quality of the material is not up o the standards for some of the customers.
  • Few complaints are there about the tough exterior of the bag that gives one rashes especially when it is hot and sweaty.

3. Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack

Main Features

This particular backpack is a massive upgrade to its previous versions. The design has been improvised a lot to keep in place the durability factor while still making enough room for the style and the comfort. It consists of a number of additional pockets and compartments that increase the utility of this military backpack immensely.


  • A good number of storage compartments are distributed all over this backpack.
  • The good amount of padding in the shoulder region of this backpack gives good relief, especially during long trips.
  • Separate hydration pocket present in this bag lets us keep the water supply at an easy to reach level.
  • Advanced technologies such as the MOLLE support and bottom drainage system have been implemented in its structure.
  • The fabric of the bag is totally water resistant that makes it all the more useful during difficult weather conditions.


  • Customers are a bit concerned about the steep pricing of this backpack.
  • Some of the users might find it a bit heavier than the backpacks they have used till now.

4. Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Main Features

Special attention has been given while designing the 4.Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack such that it excels when it comes to comfort, utility, and style. Its ergonomic design has been planned in a way to keep give ample support to the waist and the sternum. Double padding throughout the body of the backpack makes it all the more gentle on the shoulders during the trip.


  • This backpack comes with the total area of around 1400 / 23L which is sufficient for the trekking requirements of a grown-up individual.
  • Customization option is also there as far as the loop fields and internal pockets are concerned.
  • Comes is a total of five vibrant colors including black, foliage green, Khaki, Wolf Gray and Khaki with Foliage green combo.
  • The utility of this backpack is increased further with the help of External PALS Webbing that supports additional attachments.
  • We can place all our delicate and expensive items in the concealed carry pocket present within it.


  • The buckles on the bag are sometimes too fragile to last even a few days.
  • Some customers are complaining about the uneven stitching and awful chemical smell from the backpack.

5. 3V Gear Posse Tactical Sling Pack

Main Features

The backpack has been designed to transition seamlessly from one type of terrain to another. The strong fabric makes it possible to brave the tough weather and trip conditions without losing out on our important belongings. The polyblend fabric being used for its creation further makes it one of the useful backpacks present in this category at the moment.


  • The highly helpful shoulder strap is ambidextrous and comes with Integrated 2 inches wide webbing and buckle.
  • It is made up of the Rugged 600 Denier PVC combined with polyester for that robust structure.
  • Weighing just 1.6 lbs makes it extremely easy to carry and handle throughout the journey.
  • Its main compartment has the dimensions as 12″ x 8″ x 4″ along with front and back divider including the internal zippered pouch for keys.
  • It has a good amount of padding and comes with a number of big and small compartments to keep all our belongings separately and safely.


  • Some customers are not happy with the size of the backpack claiming it to be too small.
  • The quality of this backpack has received some negative comments too in terms of the durability.

6. Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

Main Feature

The backpack for the law enforcement and military pros, it is a hit among the outdoor enthusiasts too. It is a heavy duty bag that can be used to carry all our essentials including the laptop, tablet, iPad and hydration bladder among other things. Its understated look makes it a perfect fit for our everyday travel for a variety of purposes.


  • It is available in five amazing color selections at present which are Adaptive Green, Black, MultiCam, PenCott SandStorm, and Urban Grey.
  • The fabric is used for its creation is 100% Cordura 500D with a decent coating to make it durable and water-resistant.
  • The various unassuming shades in which it is available also makes it impossible to detect it even with the help of night vision goggles.
  • It has been insured that the users get utmost comfort even during prolonged use with the help of its Combat Vent System.
  • Side pockets have been redesigned and equipped with elastic on their rims so that they can be expanded according to requirement.


  • The rainwater may seep in through the zippers since they don’t have the standard water-resistant flap over them.
  • The straps present on the bottom are not user-removable that limits the utility of this bag a bit.

7. Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

Main Features

This one of a kind backpack comes with that effortless combination of rugged strength and sleek look.The structure of the backpack makes it easy to carry and keep all our essentials in the rucksack in an organized manner. The sling bag look further adds that appealing style quotient to this backpack and helps us transition from work to play mode easily.


  • The shoulder strap has been designed to go over the left shoulder so that we always have a better grip on it.
  • The utility of this bag gets maximized when it gets rotated towards the front of the body.
  • It comes with the tag of being NTOA Member Tested and recommended which adds immensely to its credibility.
  • The Y-compression ergonomic fixed-strap adds to the comfort and ease of use for this specific rucksack.
  • The revolutionary technology of Anti-theft zipper capture system adds one more layer of safety to this reliable bag.


  • Few of the complaints state that the bag is priced too steeply with regards to its quality.
  • The wear and tear on its surface start appearing just after few days of use.

8. 5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack Sandstone

Main Features

Created with direct inputs from the MACTAC instructors, this is one of those remarkable backpacks that do full justice to their price and specifications. This can easily carry a full-fledged tactical kit and is highly durable for giving us a long lasting use out of it. Being lightweight and roomy makes it useful for all kinds of journeys across different terrains.


  • It comes with the facility of tear out medical pouches that can be used promptly in the case of emergency.
  • Comes with a padded laptop sleeve to give extra protection to our expensive and highly important laptop.
  • Storage space increases drastically with the help of shove-it pockets that can be expanded according to the requirements.
  • Being Ammo Jack and Ammo Mule compatible adds to its applicability for a wide range of operations.
  • Carrying it throughout the trip gets all the more easy with the help of reinforced grab-and-go handles.


  • Not more than 4 inches of depth is present in the main compartment.
  • Even when the bag is empty, it still feels noticeably heavy because of the kind of fabric being used.


Backpacks are our constant companions through our various journeys in life. They are there for us from the crack of the dawn till we decide to camp out and call it a day. That is why it is of prime importance to pick the backpack that will be there with us in all kinds of terrains. Our pick is the 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Backpack which has been doing fairly well with all classes of people till now.

This brings us to the end of this post. If this article has helped you in any way then do share it on your socials. Also, let your friends and family know what you are up to by sharing these interesting facts with them right now!